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When care practice outflanks the law

By Andrew Webb |

27 August 2019

It is 30 years since the Children Act 1989 received Royal Assent and despite the fact it has not subsequently been repealed or even substantially amended, the current "crisis" in the care system suggests that practice has drifted away from two of its key principles: that the state should work in partnership with parents; and that if families can be supported without recourse to the law, they should be.

The importance of dads in the early years

By Merle Davies |

30 July 2019

During Mental Health Week, the Movember Foundation published its survey on new dads and there was some striking similarities with findings from a consultation we did with men in Blackpool about their experiences of being a new dad.

Parks and open spaces build communities

By Merle Davies |

30 April 2019

Benefits of funded childcare need selling

By Derren Hayes |

25 September 2018

When searching for reasons for the low take-up of funded childcare for disadvantaged two-year-olds in England, debate has focused on whether providers are being adequately remunerated to create sufficient places.

30 hours has overshadowed vital out-of-school child care

By Naomi Eisenstadt |

06 December 2016

The government is struggling to fulfil its commitment to 30 hours of free early education and childcare by 2017.

Another day and another council announces that yet more children's centres are to close.

Over the past 20 years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of the early years to life chances into adulthood.