In brief - ChildLine Awards

07 January 2003

In brief - Youthbike 2003

07 January 2003

The High Court has ruled that young prisoners must have the same protection from abuse as other young people. What effect will it have? asks Hugh Perry

Best thing I ever did

By Amy Oxley |

07 January 2003

I joined young people and youth workers from Rotherham Youth Service to make a record of their trip to the Edinburgh Festival.

Carrot & stick

By Tim Burke |

07 January 2003

The new minister for young people is promising to provide significant extra resources for the youth service. But there is no such thing as money for nothing, as Ivan Lewis makes clear in an exclusive interview

Numbers game: suicide

By PJ White |

07 January 2003

A striking difference between suicide rates of young men and young women has emerged over the past 25 years.

Project notes

07 January 2003

What is it: Artreach, a programme by youth advice centre B76, run by Barnardos in Hartlepool.