MPs are calling for urgent funds to reduce the risk posed to the UK's 2.6m children of alcoholic parents - as figures show drug and alcohol related hospital admissions are on the rise.

Replace GCSEs with 'broad and relevant' baccalaureate, says MP

By Gabriella Jozwiak |

11 February 2019

An influential Conservative MP has called for an overhaul of the school examination system so that pupils have a greater range of non-academic and vocational options by the age of 16.

MPs have criticised the government for failing to put in place a national early intervention strategy to help prevent adversity and trauma among children.

Legal aid changes aim to boost family access to justice

By Joanne Parkes |

07 February 2019

Families are likely to gain better access to justice when they are opposing adoption or care orders, under a new government action plan.

A council's children's services being run by a neighbouring local authority is blighted by a "chaotic way of working" and a failure to ensure vulnerable children are safe, inspectors have warned.

Reform of the "perverse" 30 hours funded childcare offer is vital, MPs have claimed - after finding the government's early years policies are worsening disadvantage.

Virtual reality 'deepens understanding' of trauma

By Joe Lepper |

07 February 2019

Virtual reality (VR) technology helps professionals grasp the traumatic experiences of looked-after children, research has found.

Nine areas have been chosen to pilot mental health assessments for children when they enter the care system.

Council axes 160 jobs as it cuts £8.6m from early help budget

By Gabriella Jozwiak |

06 February 2019

A council is set to axe 160 jobs from a service supporting vulnerable children and young people.

Government urged to close 'irredeemable' secure training centre

By Gabriella Jozwiak |

06 February 2019

A group of 36 children's rights advocates are urging the government to close a secure training centre (STC) where staff use pain-inducing restraint to control children.