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A children's rights campaign is calling for an end to imprisonment of young offenders for punishment and as a deterrent, condemning the practice as "cruel and unproductive".

A youth charter aiming to strengthen and co-ordinate national policy is to be developed with young people, the minister for civil society has announced.

The chair of the parliamentary education committee is urging the government to hand councils extra powers to scrutinise school exclusions.

Feltham YOI violence renews calls for closure

By Gabriella Jozwiak |

10 April 2019

Children's rights campaigners have called for the closure of Feltham Young Offenders institution (YOI) after 20 members of staff were attacked.

Newham Council has been fined £145,000 by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) after its youth offending team (YOT) shared sensitive personal details about alleged gang members.

MPs call for cabinet minister for youth policy

By Joanne Parkes |

04 April 2019

A cabinet minister should be given responsibility for youth services as part of urgent moves to strengthen the sector nationally, according to a cross-party report by MPs.

Youth sports projects are to be expanded to help tackle knife crime as part of a renewed government commitment to use the sector to reach those most at risk.

Public sector workers could be required by law to raise concerns about children at risk of knife crime, under Home Office proposals.

School exclusions are a key risk factor for young people committing or becoming a victim of violent crime, an evidence session of the government's education committee has heard.

The charitable foundation that will deliver a £200m Youth Endowment Fund to tackle serious violence has been named by the Home Office.