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Young people are being given the chance to get a share 1m to help tackle the dangers of drugs and crime.

Spar Posse On Tour

By Alison Bennett |

30 October 2007

Project: Spar Posse On Tour

The Scottish Government is to review how local agencies and communities work together to tackle antisocial behaviour.

Stop and search powers will 'alienate' young black men

By Alison Bennett |

23 October 2007

Increasing the use of police stop and search powers will alienate young black men, a leading youth worker warned this week.

Kids Company founder Camila Batmanghelidjh has criticised the youth justice system for squandering money that would be better used in therapeutic care.

The Front Feature Film

By Joe Lepper |

23 October 2007

Project: The Front Feature Film

CYP Now readers are being offered the chance to put questions to a panel of youth justice experts at the Youth Justice Board's annual convention.

Intelligence on nation's gangs to be gathered for database

By Tristan Donovan |

23 October 2007

Youth justice databases are to be overhauled as part of a crackdown on gang violence.

Youth inclusion and support panels are in danger of becoming another "long-term welfare service", a report has warned.

Met Police to get youth friendly

By Ruth Smith |

16 October 2007

The Metropolitan Police is to radically overhaul its service to focus on making young people feel safer.