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Lambeth council has improved the educational standards of Portuguese speaking children by working with the local community to get information about education across.

The office of National Statistics (ONS) is to take schools' contributions to Every Child Matters outcomes into account when measuring educational productivity.

Missing children are not tracked

By Nancy Rowntree |

04 September 2007

Local authorities are failing to keep track of children missing from education despite being required to do so by law.

Children from Kings Langley School in Hertfordshire try out an environmentally-friendly play area with equipment made from renewable materials including recycled plastic milk bottles. The Primrose Hill playground was planned in collaboration with children and aims to make the most of renewable resources.

A group of 14 local authorities has teamed up with research agencies to look into the impact of integrated children's services on outcomes for children and young people.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) has called for research into the difference in educational results between the sexes after figures showed that boys lag behind girls in every subject by the age of seven.

Schools have been left in the dark about how they will be judged on the new duty to promote community cohesion, which came into effect on 1 September.

Education: Mencap condemns School Games ban

By Nancy Rowntree |

04 September 2007

Disability charity Mencap is urging the government to overturn a ruling that prevents children with a learning disability from entering the UK School Games.

Where is it? Tower Hamlets.

The number of children eating five portions of fruit and veg a day has increased by 13 per cent in the past two years, a government report has shown.