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Local authorities are still in the dark about how private schools will link into ContactPoint, the national database of children in England currently under development.

The National Deaf Children's Society has launched a package of measures to help schools stop children with hearing problems missing out on education.

A network offering guidance, support and careers advice to black teachers in London is to be launched later this week.

Impact on outcomes to be rated

By Tristan Donovan |

04 December 2007

Bradford Council is developing a new system to track the effectiveness of extended school and children's centre activities in boosting children's outcomes.

School support staff lose out on pay

By Cathy Wallace |

03 December 2007

School support staff are often not paid fully for the job they actually do, a study from trade union UNISON has found.

Trust to improve education for autistic children

By Nancy Rowntree |

30 November 2007

A new organisation has been launched dedicated to improving the educational experience of children with autism in the UK.

Music apprenticeship scheme expanded

By Tom Lloyd |

30 November 2007

An apprenticeship scheme that helps young people get into the music industry is to be expanded after a successful pilot.

Teaching union withdraws from NI pay review body

By Tom Lloyd |

30 November 2007

The largest teaching union is Northern Ireland has pulled out of the forum that negotiates pay and conditions for teachers.

Legislation introduced to back education reforms

By Tom Lloyd |

29 November 2007

The government has introduced a bill containing the legislation necessary to raise the school leaving age to 18.

Call for improved school alcohol education

By Tom Lloyd |

28 November 2007

Alcohol education in schools should be made a key part of the science and personal, social, and health education curricula, according to guidance.