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A trial using ID cards to help make criminal record checks on people who want to work with children and young people has been hailed a success by the government.

The Citizenship Foundation is looking to roll out its Youth Act programme across the UK.

An agency enabling schools to link up and give pupils the opportunity to meet other young people from different backgrounds has been launched by the government.

High costs of healthy school lunches have contributed to a decline in their uptake, particularly among low-income families not eligible for free meals, a report has said.

Extended school clusters block access

By Cathy Wallace |

09 October 2007

Parents of children attending "clustered" extended schools could find accessing services difficult as some schools may refuse to take pupils from outside, leading figures in the sector have warned.

Teaching unions have reacted angrily to government proposals to encourage independent schools to become involved in running academies.

Charities, churches and voluntary groups could be allowed to provide schools under new Conservative proposals for education, announced on Monday (1 October) at the party conference in Blackpool.

Power in the classroom would be shifted back to teachers in a crackdown on discipline under a Conservative government, the party has announced.

Pupil referral units' failure to turn excluded young people's lives around is causing the growth of gang crime, the head of an anti-gangs project said last week.

The vast majority of young people aged between 18 and 24 are struggling with debts and one in five owe more than 10,000, according to soon-to-be published research by youth charity Rainer.