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Children and young people should be able to report adults who infringe their right play outside by ringing a hotline, according to a report from think tank Demos.

The school admissions code should be made simpler to make it easier for hard-to-reach parents to understand, a conference has heard.

The bullying of disabled children is being sidelined by the government, according to a report published by Mencap earlier this week.

Asylum-seeker children in Scotland are to get help to enter further and higher education.

Research suggests that the mass retirement of head teachers over the next few years won't cripple the education system, as feared.

Anti-Bullying Week to start

13 November 2007

Dozens of events will be taking place across England next week to mark a national week of action to combat bullying.

School arson rife in past three years

By Cathy Wallace |

13 November 2007

More than four in 10 schools in England and Wales have suffered at least one fire in the past three years, a study has revealed.

The London Borough of Lewisham has been given an outstanding rating by Ofsted for the way it manages services for children and young people.

Parenting skills should be taught in school rather than deferred until a child is born, professionals have said.

Employers need to put their money where their mouths are and provide quality training opportunities for young people if a bill to raise the effective education leaving age to 18 is to prove successful, unions have said.