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Project prevents four- and five-year-old boys under-achieving at school, reduces behavioural problems and boosts learning.

A pilot project in Essex has successfully identified and engaged 12-year-olds taking part in risk-taking behaviour and used it to take a broader look at the issues behind their actions.

Skills for the Job: Supporting gifted children

By Denise Yates |

09 December 2014

Children and young people with high learning abilities need support from professionals to help them make the most of their gifts.

All-girl youth support group nurtures hopes and dreams

By Laura McCardle |

25 November 2014

Following cuts to single sex youth work services, the social enterprise Knowsley Youth Mutual set up a group to help local young women come together to share troubles and support each other to develop aspirations.

How family bond is improved by play project

By Emily Rogers |

25 November 2014

Play initiative helps to improve social skills for five- to 15-year-olds and build better relationships between the children and their parents.

How scheme stops teens dropping out

By Emily Rogers |

25 November 2014

Project works to prevent vulnerable 14- and 15-year-olds dropping out of school.

Ask The Experts: Helping a child with dyspraxia

By Jeanie Lynch, Tracie Trimmer-Platman, Peter Lewis and June O'Sullivan |

25 November 2014

Our panel offers advice on dyspraxia, sexually transmitted infections, countering radicalisation and a councillor speaking out of turn.

The father's involvement in a child's life can be easily overlooked, so services must work extra hard to engage with them.

Ferndale Children's Residential Unit, Kirktintilloch - Care Inspectorate inspection - August 2014

Skills for the Job: How to promote oral health

By Professor Elizabeth Kay |

11 November 2014

Tooth brushing schemes in schools and nurseries, and fluoride varnishing for all children could help to prevent tooth decay.