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Ask the Experts: Safeguarding migrant children

By Jeanie Lynch, Tracie Trimmer-Platman, Peter Lewis and June O'Sullivan |

26 May 2015

Our panel offers advice on migrant child protection, supporting young carers in school, child allergies and tackling discrimination.

Following the success of its national Underwear Rule child protection campaign, the NSPCC has produced a film to help deaf children stay safe from sexual abuse.

Beverley Manor Nursery School, Yorkshire, Nursery school inspection - March 2015.

A Birmingham school embroiled in the "Trojan Horse" scandal has teamed up with a theatre company to produce eight performance installations based on historical events to make the teaching of British values more engaging.

Skills for the Job: Promoting sexual identity tolerance

By Kate Marston and Jonathan Charlesworth |

12 May 2015

Children's professionals have a duty to celebrate diversity and educate children and young people to respect same-sex relationships.

Ask the Experts: Dealing with depressed children

By Jeanie Lynch, Tracie Trimmer-Platman, Peter Lewis and June O'Sullivan |

28 April 2015

Our expert panel offers advice on tackling depression, monitoring performance, improving story time and protecting children from CSE.

The Farmyard Nursery, Ashburnham - early years inspection - January 2015.

A downloadable toolkit with money and budgeting advice has been created by a group of young mothers for other parents through a competition grant.

Skills for the Job: How to cope with bereavement

By Fiona Pienaar |

28 April 2015

Bereaved children can struggle to come to terms with their loss, but the right support can help them make sense of death.

Skills for the Job: Tackling child-on-parent violence

By Hugh Thornbery |

14 April 2015

Abuse of parents by children is a common occurrence, but skilled help and support is available and includes therapeutic interventions.