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East Anglian council has plans to remodel early years services and reduce demand for social care to balance the books.

Bags of inspiration to improve literacy skills

By Charlotte Goddard |

30 April 2019

Storytelling initiative supports development of children's communication and language skills, helping to tackle early disadvantage through creative learning.

Karen Childs Smith: How I Got Here

By Karen Childs Smith |

30 April 2019

Karen Childs Smith, head of knowledge and information at NSPCC Learning, discusses her career.

Charity helps children to make their voices heard in fighting climate change

By Pippa Gardner, project co-ordinator, Woodcraft Folk |

30 April 2019

Environmental charity supports children aged six and older to express their frustration and fears about the lack of progress on tackling climate change.

SOS Children's Villages, India

By Derren Hayes |

30 April 2019

Research in 2011 estimated that up to 20 million children were living as orphans in India, four per cent of the country's total child population.

Project delivered creative writing and digital games development workshops, with one group of young people producing an interactive game that has received international acclaim.

Service specialises in parent-infant psychotherapy.

Peer-support schemes build mothers' confidence

By Nina Jacobs |

26 March 2019

Engages vulnerable mothers in peer support programmes.

How young mothers overcome threat of homelessness

By Charlotte Goddard |

26 March 2019

Charity M3 Project supports teenage mothers and pregnant young women with the assistance they need to overcome homelessness or the threat of homelessness.

FNP cuts smoking and raises breastfeeding rates

By Joanne Horne |

26 March 2019

Family Nurse Partnership has been adapted and refined to increase impact.