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How high street skills get young people on track

By Emily Rogers |

13 October 2015

Project gets hardest-to-reach young people back into education.

Project supports young people at risk of becoming Neet to stay in school and realise their full potential.

Cadets equip young people with new skills

By Emily Rogers |

29 September 2015

Cadet unit develops young people's teamwork, confidence and self-discipline, and equips them with a broad range of skills.

How wilderness learning holds lessons in living

By Emily Rogers |

21 July 2015

Young people struggling to move on with their lives gain valuable new skills through Venture Trust's outdoor learning programme.

A Children In Care Council is reminding looked-after children of their rights through packs of playing cards that detail pledges made by the county council.

Project boosts teenagers' resilience to sexual exploitation and grooming

Think Project challenges racist attitudes and misconceptions about immigration among young people.

How dance inspires disengaged teens

By Emily Rogers |

28 April 2015

Keighley project helps disengaged or socially excluded teenagers get their lives back on track.

Programme boosts the aspirations of disadvantaged or homeless 17- to 21-year-olds and help them to turn their lives around.

How children challenge body image issues

By Emily Rogers |

14 April 2015

Project reduces negative body image issues among primary schoolchildren and increases their self-esteem.