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How prisoners get parental support

By Emily Rogers |

07 July 2015

Project minimises the impact of parental imprisonment on children and families.

How support stops children from going into care

By Emily Rogers |

23 June 2015

Project breaks the cycle of children being taken into care.

How course reduces risk of offending behaviour

By Emily Rogers |

17 March 2015

Project improves outcomes for 14- to 25-year-olds with learning or communication difficulties involved in or at risk of offending.

How training helps improve mental health support

By Emily Rogers |

03 March 2015

Mental health project improves support for young people in the South West and beyond.

How joint working protects young people at risk

By Jo Stephenson |

21 January 2014

Merton improves co-ordination between services to safeguard young people from abuse.

How coaching helps transform staff attitude

By Jo Stephenson |

23 July 2013

A programme of "transformational coaching" empowers professionals to handle tough situations and provide families with better support.

An integrated effort involving a range of agencies has driven down youth-related crime while boosting levels of youth participation

When the coalition government came to power in May 2010, it stated its first priority as the reduction of the structural deficit in the UK economy. As the government's budget plans for local government were set out, it became apparent that local government faced perhaps its greatest challenge since the Second World War.

Youth services play a key role in young people's educational and social development.