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Improvised dance boosts children's physical health and overall wellbeing, helping to make being in hospital a more enjoyable experience.

Face to Face helps looked-after children deal with issues affecting their emotional wellbeing.

Good Practice: How nursery puts food top of agenda

By Jo Stephenson |

29 April 2014

Setting ensures babies and young children benefit from healthy, nutritious food.

How group plan helps adolescents at risk

By Jo Stephenson |

29 April 2014

Co-ordinated support for high-risk adolescents is keeping young people safe and reducing dependency on secure care placements.

Provider: Liz Lark

Cornwall Council has become the first English local authority to fully adopt a simple grading system to help professionals recognise if a young person's sexual behaviour is safe or unhealthy.

Service ensures children with autism and their parents get swift assessment, diagnosis and the support they need.

App makes it easier for young people to access health services including mental health support.

How young parents enrich their lives

By Jo Stephenson |

18 February 2014

Project provides holistic support to disadvantaged young parents affected by multiple problems.

How families work beyond substance misuse

By Jo Stephenson |

04 February 2014

Programme of weekly sessions brings families together to confront and manage the impact substance misuse has had on their lives.