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How a 10-week group-work programme reduces the impact of abuse and keeps children safe.

A project is going into nurseries and schools to teach young children about the importance of looking after their teeth by using puppets and games to make it fun.

Skills for the job: Educating on nitrous oxide risks

By Alistair Bohm |

16 September 2014

It may be known as laughing gas, but young people need to know that nitrous oxide can be dangerous if misused.

How Down syndrome pupils reach their potential

By Emily Rogers |

02 September 2014

Teacher Wendy Uttley set up a training service to improve the education and support of children with Down syndrome in Bradford.

How mental health sessions reduce risk of harm

By Emily Rogers |

19 August 2014

Project works to safeguard children whose parents have mental health problems through group activities and one-to-one discussions.

Programme help students with the most acute learning difficulties become more independent and ready for employment without having to move them away from their home communities.

Project reduces the number of teenage pregnancies in Halton.

DVD helps parents to cope with their baby's crying and reduce incidents of non-accidental head injuries to babies.

Family support service proves highly popular

By Emily Rogers |

24 June 2014

Service enhances the lives of children with life-limiting illnesses and their families and makes them less socially isolated.

A university-based charitable organisation has helped young people with special educational needs to develop websites holding information about their care and support needs that can be shared.