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Project helps children recover from anxiety.

How football helps tackle unhealthy lifestyles

By Emily Rogers |

18 August 2015

Project increases physical activity and healthy eating among primary school children.

Face-to-face sessions improve the emotional wellbeing of children in care or on the edge of care.

Sessions give babies a positive start in life by helping parents develop loving and secure relationships with them.

How support stops children from going into care

By Emily Rogers |

23 June 2015

Project breaks the cycle of children being taken into care.

Programme helps bereaved children cope with the death of a close relative.

How children challenge body image issues

By Emily Rogers |

14 April 2015

Project reduces negative body image issues among primary schoolchildren and increases their self-esteem.

Project aims to ensure young children get a healthy start in life.

How training helps improve mental health support

By Emily Rogers |

03 March 2015

Mental health project improves support for young people in the South West and beyond.

The Family Drug and Alcohol Court helps substance-misusing parents involved in care proceedings and potentially keeps more families together.