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Programme help students with the most acute learning difficulties become more independent and ready for employment without having to move them away from their home communities.

Parents and children work together to support learning and improve skills while celebrating the 50th anniversary of the popular television series.

YMCA scheme aims to offer homeless young people living in temporary accommodation an alternative affordable housing option that will give them the stability needed to get on their feet.

Scheme enhances support for new and experienced social workers and promote "reflective practice".

St Joan of Arc Extended School, London - After-school club inspection - December 2013.

Good Practice: How pupils secure business acumen

By Jo Stephenson |

15 April 2014

Project engages and inspires primary pupils with the world of business.

Two charities have joined forces to help children and young people at risk of social exclusion to engage with education and develop personal skills by making their own films.

How group therapy helps children stay in school

By Jo Stephenson |

18 February 2014

Family Group improves parent-child relationships as well as children's emotional wellbeing, self-esteem, behaviour and attainment.

A former karate champion and his business partner help young people train their brains as part of a new programme which uses neuroscience to improve behaviour and concentration.

Whole-school nutrition programme boosts the number of pupils eating their five fruit and veg a day.