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Following accusations that Ofsted is "out of touch" and hindering improvement across children's services, critics across the sector are calling for major reforms to how the regulator inspects children's social care.

Independent voice a must for commissioner Anne Longfield

By Laura McCardle |

25 November 2014

The next children's commissioner for England Anne Longfield must stand up to the government if she is to champion the rights of children and young people and allay concerns over the role's independence.

Inspections future tops agenda

By Neil Puffett |

22 July 2014

Children's directors' chief outlines vision for a two-tier inspection system at the ADCS annual conference.

While the principles underpinning Ofsted's inspection framework for vulnerable children services are sound, Eileen Munro's review finds improvements are needed to minimise the burden it places on local authorities.

Childminders quit in light of agency changes

By Laura McCardle |

10 June 2014

The recent fall in the number of registered childminders could be linked to Ofsted's agency inspection plans, say sector experts.

Senior managers at the first five children's services departments to have undergone the new Ofsted single inspection support the principles behind the framework, but think the process needs improving if it is to get their full backing.

Complaint-driven checks trigger concerns

By Laura McCardle |

29 October 2013

A huge rise in childcare provider inspections prompted by complaints has left some questioning the entire Ofsted regulation process.

Debbie Jones, Ofsted's new head of social care inspection, tells CYP Now she "understands" criticisms of the new inspection framework for vulnerable children, but says it is the right time to raise expectations of services.

Children's services leaders, social work bodies and local government organisations outline why they have grave reservations about Ofsted's draft inspection framework for services for vulnerable children.

Inspections 'risk two-year-olds failure'

By Gabriella Jozwiak |

09 July 2013

Ofsted's inspection framework could undermine the free childcare offer for two-year-olds, providers warn.