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Is new youth legislation needed?

By Jan Cosgrove and Adam Muirhead |

27 February 2018

The IYW plans to get youth work on to a "statutory footing" to create a more "equitable" relationship with the government, but is that necessary when legislation already requires councils to secure provision?

The benefits of mutual status

By Campbell McDonald |

30 January 2018

Expert on the mutuals programme advises on how youth services can gain independence from councils.

The Department for Education's "Opportunity Areas" - 12 places in the UK in need of extra support and funding to help boost social mobility for its citizens - were launched in 2016.

Making volunteering a habit

By Derren Hayes |

28 November 2017

Research has identified the key factors that influence long-term social action among young people.

The merger of UK Youth and Ambition brings together two of the most influential youth charities. Although the shape of the organisation is still to be decided, leaders believe the move will boost the voice of youth work.

Open-access youth work has suffered greatly in recent years as councils have been forced to target young people most in need, but now the £40m Youth Investment Fund is giving organisations a chance to reach many more.

Overhaul in youth work careers

By Derren Hayes |

29 August 2017

Latest data underlines changes in the type of settings where youth workers are delivering support.

Responding to Grenfell disaster

By Brendan O'Keefe |

26 July 2017

The community response to the Grenfell Tower disaster demonstrates the value of local organisations

In the wake of the London and Manchester terror attacks, experts are calling on the government to involve young people and community groups in creating effective ways to address marginalisation and extremist views.

The loss of its overall majority has been politically costly for the government, but it has also caused policy upheaval and ministerial changes affecting children's services. Sector leaders consider the implications.