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Recent guidance aims to help youth justice practitioners to improve how they support young offenders to deal with grief and bereavement.

Youth Justice Board chair Charlie Taylor says slimmed-down national standards reflect a more mature youth justice system that needs the freedom to innovate to improve the lives of the most vulnerable young offenders.

Summit offers solutions to youth violence

By Anna Smee, chief executive, UK Youth |

30 April 2019

National knife crime summit offers the chance to extend the best local practice, says youth work leader.

Whistleblower who alerted authorities to abuse at Medway secure training centre says the review into the case shows there needs to be major changes to how staff work with young people before the issues will be resolved.

Councils took part in a pilot to reduce parental conflict because of the damage it does to children. As the initiative is to be extended, leaders came together to explain how they engaged agencies and practitioners in the programme.

Factors behind rise in remand

By Nina Jacobs |

29 January 2019

Lack of magistrates and secure children's homes to blame for increase in children in custody on remand.

Draft standards miss the mark

By Derren Hayes |

02 January 2019

Experts warn revised youth justice standards may reduce children's rights and lead to inconsistent practice.

MoJ documents reveal details of how secure school will operate and what prospective providers must do to fulfil ministers' ambitions. But one expert fears that a lack of funding and too many children may harm its impact.

Are children's home arrests a problem?

By Andrew Neilson and Jonathan Stanley |

25 September 2018

The Howard League for Penal Reform is concerned that children in residential care are being criminalised unfairly, despite a report showing a fall in arrests. Experts debate if enough is being done to tackle the issue.

Tougher inspections for STCs

By Joe Lepper |

28 August 2018

Youth justice experts back plans for increased monitoring by inspectorates of secure training centres.