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As Gladstone House, a secure children's home in Liverpool prepares to be shut down, Sue Leaner explores why local authorities have opted to rid themselves of these facilities in recent years and what can be done to reverse this damaging trend.

A Court of Appeal ruling has given the courts the final say in cases where an asylum-seeking child's age is under dispute.

According to a report by the London Child Poverty Commission there has been no progress in reducing levels of financial hardship among the capital's families since 2000. The report's authors talk to Sue Learner about what action is needed.

The government's new 10-year strategy for combating drug use sets out a series of ambitious changes to services for families and young people. But, as Tristan Donovan finds out, putting these proposals into practice presents a number of challenges.

There is little doubt that an element of fear has taken a hold on today's society, particularly when it comes to the safety of children and young people. But a new government action plan aims to shift this culture of fear. Cathy Wallace reports.

A sex offender and a man alleged to be accessing child pornography were last week exposed to be working with young people. The revelations have renewed concerns on child protection checks currently in place, says Sue Learner.

For seven years New Labour's flagship Children's Fund has supported vital work with vulnerable children.

Legal aid reforms and poor rates of pay for publicly funded work have led to a shortage of lawyers for vulnerable children. With large numbers of experienced professionals now leaving the sector, Sarah Cooper reports on the potential impact.

The Children's Plan, unveiled last month, sets out strategies to improve services for children, young people and their families over the next ten years. Here, CYP Now extracts the main points in the plan and asks the sector for its reaction.

The government plans to fund pilot programmes next year that will evaluate the effectiveness of European-style social pedagogy in residential care.