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Regional approach to staff recruitment

By Derren Hayes |

30 April 2019

Latest Department for Education workforce data shows that while the number of children's social workers rose three per cent last year, staff turnover, vacant posts and use of agency practitioners remained stubbornly high.

Asylum delays spark legal action

By Derren Hayes |

30 April 2019

Judicial review highlights concerns over the impact asylum delays have on unaccompanied children.

ADCS president vows action on poverty

By Derren Hayes |

30 April 2019

Rachel Dickinson, 2019/20 ADCS president, says she will stress the plight of children living in poverty.

Social Work England, the new regulator, is holding a consultation into draft professional standards, registration rules and fitness to practice rules that all social workers will be expected to meet.

A system for matching hard-to-place children with adopters has been shelved after 18 years. Those running the National Adoption Register fear the change will limit options, but others say online systems can fill the void.

Visualising a child's care journey

By Renuka Jeyarajah-Dent |

26 February 2019

Data visualisation tool could boost efficiency and stop vulnerable children from slipping through the net.

Audit Office report highlights the recent growth in demand and spending on children's services, and the lack of understanding on what is driving this. Andrew Rome says councils and providers can work together to solve it.

Debate over care boarders

By Derren Hayes |

29 January 2019

Two new schemes aim to encourage councils to place more looked-after children at boarding schools.

Evaluation of regional adoption agencies highlights mixed progress, with some starting to improve various aspects of the adoption process, while others are struggling to attract staff and develop shared IT functions.

Turning ACE into positive change

By Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green and Dr Jason Pandya-Wood |

02 January 2019

Knowledge of adverse childhood experiences should be used to build children's resilience, say experts.