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Funding changes and more complex policy could be reasons for the fall in twin-hat DCSs, say experts.

Paper from former director of children's services highlights lack of progress in developing leadership skills of black, Asian and minority ethnic professionals, and provides tools to help create culturally competent organisations.

Despite the Local Government Finance Bill failing to materialise, ministers are expected to resurrect plans for councils to generate all their income locally, with potentially dire results for children's services in some areas.

DCS 'revolving door' slows down

By Derren Hayes |

31 May 2017

Funding and organisation changes are behind fewer children's services directors moving jobs.

Tri-borough collapse: the fallout

By Neil Puffett |

04 May 2017

End of pioneering arrangement raises questions over future of councils pooling children's services.

Association of Directors of Children's Services president Alison Michalska says agencies must work together to convince government to invest more in services, while councils must get greater powers to influence education.

Sharing risk in youth work

By Brendan O’Keefe |

14 March 2017

Youth mutual boss identifies four principles for providers and commissioners to deliver effective services.

Delivering the workforce strategy

By Mark Dawe |

14 March 2017

Government's early years workforce strategy proposes raft of measures to tackle recruitment crisis.

Playwork qualification reforms

By Adrian Voce |

14 March 2017

Withdrawal of playwork qualifications is the latest episode in the dismantling of a sector, says expert.

New youth work income streams

By Rosemary Watt-Wyness |

14 February 2017

With council funding falling, charities must develop fresh ways of boosting revenue, says London Youth.