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The Department for Children, Schools and Families celebrates its first anniversary this week. Here, CYP Now brings together a team of senior figures from the sector to deliver their verdicts on how the department has fared during its first 12 months.

Ofsted's report examining 2007's annual performance assessments of local children's services paints a disappointing picture of progress on children's outcomes. Joe Lepper finds out why there is still much progress to be made on Every Child Matters.

Last week saw the last of England's 10 strategic health authorities unveil its 10-year plan for improving NHS services.

The government has set out its minimum expectations of local services for families of disabled children. Sue Learner looks at what challenges still lie ahead and whether the core offer could put an end to the inequalities these families currently face.

A report by a cross-party group of MPs has raised concerns that the Department for Children, Schools and Families lacks focus on coherent policy and outcomes. Helen Gilbert investigates whether the new department will live up to its challenges.

On 1 May, the capital votes for its new Mayor. Cathy Wallace looks at what the candidates will do for children and young people.

In one day, the government issued three new documents proposing changes to the children's and youth services workforce. But, as Cathy Wallace and Tristan Donovan report, the biggest changes are yet to come.

Tanya Byron's report on protecting children from unsuitable video games, published last week, claims the current age rating system needs changing. But some feel her ideas could be confusing and hard to regulate. Tristan Donovan reports.

The government's new 10-year strategy for combating drug use sets out a series of ambitious changes to services for families and young people. But, as Tristan Donovan finds out, putting these proposals into practice presents a number of challenges.

There is little doubt that an element of fear has taken a hold on today's society, particularly when it comes to the safety of children and young people. But a new government action plan aims to shift this culture of fear. Cathy Wallace reports.