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Directors of children's services have never been under more pressure, but help is on the way. Joe Lepper investigates.

There were many new pledges announced in the 2020 Children and Young People's Workforce Strategy. Lauren Higgs reports.

The government has pledged 19m to help disabled children move to adult services. Alison Bennett asks how it should be spent.

Lauren Higgs and Ross Watson examine the impact of the government's latest spending plans.

The Baby P case sent shockwaves through the children's sector, but what impact will it have on practice? Joe Lepper reports.

Ofsted's annual report last week showed that there have been improvements across the sector, but it also flagged up areas of significant concern. Ross Watson examines what the findings mean for the children and young people's workforce.

The drive to improve child and adolescent mental health services took a step forward last week with the publication of an independent review ordered by ministers in last year's Children's Plan. Joe Lepper asks whether it will make a difference.

The Audit Commission last week attacked the current state of children's trusts, prompting serious questions about what the future holds. Lauren Higgs investigates.

The banking system is in crisis, the economy is on the edge of recession and unemployment is rising fast.

Analysis: Youth justice - Does mentoring cut reoffending?

By Alison Bennett |

16 September 2008

Charities claim mentoring schemes can prevent young prisoners reoffending after they are released, but this support isn't widely available. Alison Bennett looks at the arguments for and against a central strategy for mentoring in custody.