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Youth mental health champions

By Derren Hayes |

26 July 2017

Teachers are to be trained how to respond to pupils in mental distress under a government initiative

The loss of its overall majority has been politically costly for the government, but it has also caused policy upheaval and ministerial changes affecting children's services. Sector leaders consider the implications.

The key to improving EHC plans

By Derren Hayes |

27 June 2017

Education health and care plans for SEND children need reforming not scrapping, say three sector experts.

Your guide to the Children and Social Work Act

By Derren Hayes |

31 May 2017

What the act means for everyday practice across the children's workforce.

Following Prime Minister Theresa May's election call, children's leaders are drawing up key policies. They say issues like school funding, free childcare and recruiting health visitors must not be drowned out by Brexit.

Tackling offender mental health

By Neil Puffett |

11 April 2017

A MAC-UK scheme could point the way for supporting young offenders with mental health problems.

Children in care attainment tool

By Derren Hayes |

11 April 2017

How a resource analysing education progress for looked-after children could "revolutionise" support.

Tackling health visitor struggles

By Derren Hayes |

28 March 2017

Local authorities need to be given more flexibility over delivering child health checks, says LGA chief.

Are schools funding plans fair?

By Ivan Ould and Anne Heavey |

28 March 2017

Government proposals to revise the formula used to decide school funding is meant to move money to more deprived areas, but critics say changes place too much emphasis on pupils with additional needs.

Making the most of the government's U-turn on SRE

By Jonathan Baggaley |

14 March 2017

Why sex and relationships education must be part of compulsory PSHE.