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Social inequality and wellbeing

By Jo Bibby, director of health, the Health Foundation |

27 August 2019

The "allostatic load" on children caused by chronic stress is a major health problem that needs addressing.

Making the case for health visiting

By Derren Hayes |

30 July 2019

Councils should recognise vital preventative role played by health visitors and protect services, says expert.

Teaching about sexual consent

By Jennifer Cassarly, PhD candidate, Teesside University |

30 July 2019

Early adolescents should be taught about sexual consent to tackle stereotypical views, says expert.

Positive action to cut childhood obesity

By Ian Cameron, director of public health, Leeds City Council |

28 May 2019

Public health expert outlines the wide holistic preventative approach Leeds Council has taken to reverse obesity rates in young children.

Guide to measure loneliness

By Derren Hayes |

26 March 2019

Feeling lonely can harm children's wellbeing, so a new guide aims to help charities identify the problem.

School mental health pilots

By Derren Hayes |

26 February 2019

New school-based teams and practitioners aim to provide mental health support to pupils earlier.

The government's 10-year vision for the NHS sets out key pledges to improve support for children and young people with mental health problems, including investing in crisis and community-based interventions.

Tackling parental alcohol risk

By Derren Hayes |

27 November 2018

Health visitors are vital for engaging parents about alcohol use and the risks to children, says expert.

Social media and mental health

By Derren Hayes |

30 October 2018

Experts say review of children's social media use must include technical issues and access to education.

Health visitors: five key changes

By Dr Robert Nettleton |

25 September 2018

Blueprint for the future of health visiting sets out how practitioners can best support young families.