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How schools fail disadvantaged children

By Philip Nye |

14 February 2017

Study concludes some schools 'manage out' poorer pupils to boost exam league table results, with dire consequences for attainment.

Ideas to make EYPP close the gap

By Sue Asquith |

14 February 2017

The early years pupil premium aims to boost learning of disadvantaged three- and four-year-olds.

What progress for SLCN support?

By Jean Gross |

31 January 2017

Review of support for child speech, language and communication needs will assess if provision has improved.

Tackling discrimination in schools

By Adam Offord |

06 December 2016

Councils should insist schools record and report incidents of racism and religious hatred, youth leaders say.

Bridging the social mobility gap

By Derren Hayes |

22 November 2016

Commission outlines raft of measures to reverse decline in opportunity for disadvantaged children.

Links between SEND and offending

By Professor Hannah Smithson and Professor Katherine Runswick-Cole |

22 November 2016

High numbers of children with SEND enter the youth justice system because of inadequate support.

Boarding boost for children in care

By Jess Brown |

08 November 2016

Partnership aims to convince councils of the merits of placing looked-after children in boarding school.

Assessing character development

By Adam Offord |

25 October 2016

Leaders question report findings that young people's feedback is best way to assess character education progress.

Bringing CAMHS to the classroom

By Jess Brown |

11 October 2016

Two areas outline how they are improving links between schools and mental health specialists.

Do grammars aid social mobility?

By Dave Hill and Paul Carter |

27 September 2016

The Prime Minister wants to allow more schools to select pupils according to ability at the age of 11.