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Changing teacher views on care

By Amy Woodworth |

30 October 2018

Expert gives five key steps on how to overcome some teachers' negative perceptions of children in care.

Supporting Traveller children

By Joe Lepper |

25 September 2018

Experts warn on the impact of cuts to specialist school support for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children.

The exam results season is normally a time to celebrate the success of our young people, especially those who have overcome disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their dreams.

Safeguarding in the classroom

By Jessica Cope |

28 August 2018

New guidance requires schools to do more to tackle abuse and bullying, explains education expert.

An education select committee report concludes a factor in rising levels of school exclusions is that vulnerable pupils are not getting the support they need. The government is being urged to back inclusive school policies.

Schools key to obesity response

By Suzanne Gomersall |

26 June 2018

Policymakers must improve cooking lessons for primary pupils to cut obesity levels, warns academic.

Demand for educational psychologists in schools is high but funding pressures limit recruitment.

It has taken four years to transfer most children with special educational needs and disabilities to a new support system. While parents appear satisfied with the process, campaigners have criticised the quality of some care plans.

Recent research carried out by Isos Partnerships has assessed the changing nature of the local authority role in supporting and leading school improvement.

Call to boost school counselling services

By Derren Hayes |

27 February 2018

Council leaders and professional organisations say mental health green paper should prioritise counselling services based in schools