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A former karate champion and his business partner help young people train their brains as part of a new programme which uses neuroscience to improve behaviour and concentration.

A Supreme Court ruling could leave councils liable for the neglect or abuse of children or young people living in foster care and independently owned care homes, an expert in negligence law has warned.

Children's charities unimpressed by lobbying bill changes

By Barbara Speed

| January 13, 2014

Government concessions that water down proposed new restrictions on charities' campaigning work do not go far enough, children's voluntary sector figures have said.

Safety fears at Alder Hey Children's Hospital; child protection concerns spark government direction; and Essex's respite care centres face closure, all in the news today.

Peers defeat 'annoyance' injunction proposals

By Barbara Speed

| January 10, 2014

The House of Lords has blocked government proposals that could have seen injunctions served against children as young as 10 for playing noisily outdoors.

Commissioner calls for change in public attitude towards child neglect; survey highlights need to teach children about consent; and Devon Council reports an overspend in social services, all in the news today.

Mental health and penal reform campaigners are concerned a government scheme that will see mental health professionals assess young people's needs soon after arrest could be undermined by a lack of specialist local support.

Hardship fund to be scrapped by 2015; inquiry to look at support for military families; and Scotland set to introduce free school meals for all primary pupils, all in the news today.