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Substance Use and Antisocial Behaviour in Adolescence

Researchers from University College London’s Centre for Longitudinal Studies analysed data from the Millennium Cohort Study. This study collected information from nearly 10,000 people across the UK on a range of risky behaviours – including antisocial behaviour – when participants were 17 years old in 2018/19. Data on some of those behaviours had also been collected at ages 11 and 14.

State of Child Health Report 2017

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health wanted to put together a snapshot of the health of babies, children and young people across the UK in a first attempt to standardise data and thus drive improvements in outcomes.

Youth Drinking in Decline

The University of Sheffield's Alcohol Research Group is part of a new project funded by the Wellcome Trust, which aims to examine the patterns and causes of the decline in youth drinking in England.

Association of Race/Ethnicity and Social Disadvantage with Autism Prevalence

Autism spectrum disorder is characterised by communication difficulties and restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests or activities. It is thought to affect between one and two per cent of the world's population. Researchers at the University of Cambridge, in collaboration with researchers from Newcastle University and Maastricht University, wanted to chart the prevalence of autism in different demographic groups to help with the planning of support services.