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Ministers must invest in young people in 2022

A year ago, when reflecting on the unimaginable challenges of 2020, I outlined an optimistic view of 2021 based on investment in youth services, support for young people in carving out an independent and prosperous future, and generally restoring trust within this disproportionately affected group.

Universal credit cut reduces young people’s options

We are all too aware that universal credit offers a vital lifeline for vulnerable young people. For many the £20 uplift, introduced last year amid the Covid-19 pandemic, has broadened the horizon in terms of their financial and living opportunities.

Youth work is integral to rural communities

My summer holiday was in Somerset. A village near our campsite had a recently built youth centre attached to the community hall. A sign advertised the one two-hour session for young people each week, on a Thursday evening. But when we went back on the Thursday evening the club was shut and no young people were around.

We must help young people get fit to embrace the future

It is clear that our most recent lockdown has to be our last, and for so many reasons let us hope that turns out to be the case. After more than a year of to-ing and fro-ing, the UK is in dire need of recovery economically, socially and emotionally. The disruption to life has been seismic for all, not least our young people, whose confidence, social engagement skills and motivational drive have been severely tested.

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