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Secure children’s homes: Inspections Clinic

Secure children’s homes cater for some of the most vulnerable children but there is a serious shortage of placements. Jo Stephenson looks at how good partnerships and staff levels are key to inspection outcomes.

Unlocking the Facts: Young People Referred to Secure Children’s Homes

There are 22 secure children’s homes across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Young people can be placed in a secure children’s home via the criminal justice system. They may also be placed in a secure home due to concerns they pose a serious risk to others or cannot be kept safe in the community. If a place is not found, young people are placed in alternative accommodation sourced and provided by their local authority, which can include less-secure residential children’s homes, foster care and unregulated placements.

Youth Justice: Policy context

  • Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Since winning a sizeable majority at last December’s general election, the Conservative government has continued to build on reforms to the youth justice system set in train by the previous administration.

Youth Justice: Special Report

Against a background of continuing wide-ranging reforms of the youth justice system, CYP Now’s special report looks at the latest trends and policy developments, academic research and examples of best practice.

Custody staff need crisis communication training

The Independent review of the use of pain-inducing techniques – published over the summer – in short hasn’t told us anything we didn’t know before and the heart of the recommendations are simply echoes of previous reports that still haven’t been enacted.