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Make improving children's wellbeing explicit aim of all work

Children in the UK are continuing to feel more unhappy with their lives. At The Children’s Society we have just published our 10th annual Good Childhood Report. Yet again we are sounding the alarm over the wellbeing of our children – and yet again we have to wonder, who is listening?

Youth work is integral to rural communities

My summer holiday was in Somerset. A village near our campsite had a recently built youth centre attached to the community hall. A sign advertised the one two-hour session for young people each week, on a Thursday evening. But when we went back on the Thursday evening the club was shut and no young people were around.

Corporate providers must be held to account

The moving of children from Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre should be a stark warning that we have systematically failed to protect the most vulnerable from abuse, failed to hold those in authority to account and failed to mend a broken system.