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A public health approach to youth violence

With violent crime on the increase in England, Tom de Castella asks what children's services can learn from the public health model that originated in the US and has reduced youth violence in Glasgow.

Interview: Mark Johnson, founder, User Voice

Mark Johnson is waging a war on interfering middlemen. He's angry young offenders do not have a voice, he's tired of social structures distancing them from policy-makers and he thinks government cuts demonstrate classist principles.

Case studies: Project casebook

Jo Stephenson reports on two schemes that tackle crime and antisocial behaviour in London and North Devon; a film that aims to explain to adults what it is like to be Neet; and an adventurous residential course in Wales.

Andy Parrott, Senior programme manager, Kickz

Kickz was created in 2006 as a pilot project by the Metropolitan Police and the Football League to target 12- to 18-year-olds in disadvantaged areas of London. It offers the chance to take part in positive activities three nights a week as a way of reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.

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