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Character Education in UK Schools

  • Tuesday, October 29, 2019
The following executive summary provides a critical appraisal of why we need to reflect on the educational and wider context and associated moral behaviours when developing our understanding of character education.

Character Education: Special Report

Policymakers, educators and children's professionals are developing new ways to help young people learn and hone the positive character traits they need to overcome life's challenges and be good citizens.

Achievement for All, Social Impact Assessment Report

  • Tuesday, October 29, 2019
During 2011-2016, PwC led an independent evaluation report investigating the work carried out by Achievement for All in improving the educational outcomes of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils in school.

Social Mobility, Chance or Choice?

A sequel to Born to Fail? Social Mobility a Working Class View (2017), Social Mobility, Chance or Choice? revisits mutuality and asks do we dare to start a new conversation by considering the issues, solutions and impact to the education and social issues that push against the moral questions underpinning social mobility.

Special Report: PSHE Education

Personal, social, health and economic education has long been championed as key to teaching children essential life skills, and from 2019 all schools will be required to teach relationships and sex education.

HENRY, Leeds

Early years staff across Leeds are instilling healthy lifestyles in under-fives' families through obesity-prevention programme.