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Commissioning Care: Special Report

Recommendations in the Care Review aim to improve co-ordination and management in the care market while driving down costs for councils, but some believe the proposals do not go far enough.

Employing care leavers

Care-experienced young people can find looking for a job more difficult than their peers, but there are a number of measures employers can put in place to support care leavers entering the world of work.

Inspections Clinic: Youth offending services

Latest probation inspectorate annual report highlights services striving to tackle disproportionality but management of young offender risk in the community remains a problem, reports Jo Stephenson.

Responding to the rise in home education

The pandemic appears to have prompted a significant increase in the number of children being educated at home. Charlotte Goddard looks at what this means for families and children’s services.

Youth work and sport: Special report

With activity levels among children and young people having fallen since the pandemic, a number of policies and funding programmes aim to encourage participation to improve physical and mental health.

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