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Ernest Cook Trust

The Ernest Cook Trust is an educational charity rooted in the conservation and management of the countryside.

Paul Hamlyn Foundation

To help people, particularly young people, overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity linked to social disadvantage the Paul Hamlyn Foundation has launched its six-year funding strategy. It will aim to provide innovation and long-term support to help organisations and individuals to deliver social change in the UK.

Funding watch: Grant Programme for Inter Faith Week 2013

The Grant Programme for Inter Faith Week is a small grants scheme for events organised by and for young people in connection with Inter Faith Week. The event, which runs from 17 to 23 November, is designed to build good relations and working partnerships between people of different faiths through events such as talks, workshops, sports activities and community action.

Your Heritage

Grants to help preserve heritage and encourage communities to learn more about it

Community Foundations

Grants to strengthen local communities, create opportunities and tackle issues of disadvantage and exclusion

Baily Thomas Charitable Fund

Funding for voluntary organisations that will cover a range of expenses including the cost of activities such as play schemes, day and social activities, and community improvement programmes

Alec Dickson Trust

Funding for projects that use volunteering or community service to support young people

ACT Foundation

Funding for individuals and charities working to enhance the quality of life for people in need

Funding Focus - Coronavirus funding

With the voluntary sector set to lose £4bn in income due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, children’s charities have been calling for support from government and grant-giving organisations to offset losses in trading activities and donations over the past few months. Some funders have acted quickly to give grant recipients more flexibility over how they use money to support those affected by the crisis, while others have set up dedicated emergency fund programmes to help voluntary organisations survive. Here are the key developments.

The Waterloo Foundation

The Waterloo Foundation (TWF) is a Cardiff-based independent grant-making foundation created in 2007 that supports projects that tackle disparity of opportunities and wealth and the unsustainable use of the world's natural resources.

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