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Things to do - Publish a youth magazine

"It is a good thing for young people to be around - it's a good opportunity to get an insight into the industry and you also get to interview a few famous people along the way."

Resources: Log on to ... Citizenship

Citizenship is one of those vague subjects that would normally prompt groans from young people and youth workers alike. But, as Tim Burke discovers, there are some really interesting websites out there that are helping to bring the theme to life.

Work Pack: Youth club activities - Women in society

The role of women in society has evolved greatly over the past century thanks to some inspirational female pioneers. Vanessa Rogers provides ideas for starting a discussion to coincide with International Women's Day on 8 March.

Case studies: Project casebook

Jo Stephenson reports on two schemes that tackle crime and antisocial behaviour in London and North Devon; a film that aims to explain to adults what it is like to be Neet; and an adventurous residential course in Wales.

How Covid-19 remade children’s services

A year on from the emergence of the coronavirus and onset of the pandemic, experts assess the long-term impact of the disruption it has caused to children’s services and young people’s lives.

Youth Work Sessions: Fostering healthy relationships

Young people should be encouraged to think about how they develop and maintain healthy relationships. This workpack offers them the opportunity to solve a variety of relationship dilemmas and practice empathy, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Youth Work Sessions: Explore sexual health with young people

Talking about sex, relationships and sexual health can be a challenging experience for both facilitators and young people. These activities aim to help young people not only learn about sexual health in an interesting and fun way but also to develop the skills and confidence to make healthy choices in real life.

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