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ChildRIGHT Interview: Amy Winter, business support manager, Coram Children's Legal Centre

The Coram Children's Legal Centre (CCLC) has launched an enhanced version of the Child Law Advice Line (CLAL) service, funded by the Department for Education, that has been providing parents, carers, children and young people with legal advice since 2004. Last year, the line provided advice to approximately 900 callers each month. The organisation's project manager for the CLAL, Amy Winter, tells us more about the changes.

Unregistered children’s homes: Legal Update

As the number of children being taken into care continues to rise, Kamena Dorling, head of policy and public affairs at Coram Children's Legal Centre, looks at concerns regarding unregulated and unregistered children’s homes.

Child abduction from the UK

In the wake of a raft of changes to family law in the event of Brexit, Kamena Dorling, head of policy and public affairs, examines the legal framework around child abduction from the UK.