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International Focus: SOS Children's Villages, Finland

Finland has a population of 5.5 million. Despite being a relatively wealthy country - its per capita output is equivalent to France - it has an unemployment rate of nearly 10 per cent and youth unemployment is double that level. Nearly one million Finns earn too little to cover their costs of living, with one in 10 children having welfare needs.

International Focus: Democratic nursery, Germany

The first kindergarten was established in Germany in 1837. It was based on the progressive ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who thought that children were already good and active learners and that they should be encouraged to express themselves.

Mulberry Bush: Building the Burrow

Residential special school Mulberry Bush is opening a new year-round unit to care for children who do not have families to return to during school holidays. Tom de Castella visits the specialist facility.

Seven features of practice

Projects in the first phase of the Children's Social Care Innovation Programme have been evaluated to identify practice that has the most impact for children, with seven clear features emerging.

How creativity boosts confidence

Research suggests more than a third of children and young people with a learning disability have a mental health problem and many find it harder than average to make friends.