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Refugee support is legacy of Grenfell tragedy

  • Tuesday, August 16, 2022
I don’t think I have ever described an inspection as a motivational activity – we all know how it feels when the call from Ofsted arrives – but just recently inspections have been a seriously bonding experience for my teams.

Stop, pause, reflect and repeat

  • Friday, August 12, 2022
During the pandemic my team were fortunate enough to lead a DfE-funded project, to identify best practice in a pandemic, alongside the University of Birmingham and Anglia Ruskin University, plus five other local authorities and their children in care councils.

SEND Review: Do we already know the answers?

The political turmoil of the last few weeks has left question marks about the timetable for the Government’s major education reforms, including its special educational needs and disability (SEND) review.

A start-up approach to reimagining fostering

The Independent Care Review has highlighted what most of us already knew. The current fostering system is broken – there are not enough foster carers; too many siblings are separated; too many children are moved miles away from their communities, too many young people leaving care struggle in life; and private independent fostering agencies and residential care homes are making a profit on the back of the public sector.

Youth voice to power: ‘whoever’s in charge work with us’

At the time of writing Nigel Huddleston MP remained the DCMS minister for civil society and youth which oversees youth sector policy, initiatives including grant support for the National Citizen Service, Youth Social Action and the Youth Engagement programme.

At what point do you stop being an imposter?

I’ve always valued being part of ADCS and, as someone who sits on the Council of Reference, privileged to work with the most talented colleagues (too numerous to mention) to contribute to debate, discussion, and policy shaping that positively impacts on children’s lives.

Rock-solid principles in an uncertain world

Ferocious storms, a virulent pandemic, volatile stock markets, airline failure… I almost want to ask what more could possibly go wrong this year. But even I, the least superstitious of people, would feel uneasy about tempting fate like that.