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Turing programme will fail disadvantaged young people

Drowned out by the noise of Brexit and the pandemic, the government’s broken promise to remain a member of the Erasmus+ overseas study scheme has been largely overlooked. Yet, the failure to reach an agreement regarding its membership of the scheme post-Brexit, continues to have a devastating impact on young people.

Letters to the Editor: Webinar for childcare providers

Managing an early years and childcare setting, whether it be a home-based childminder, out of school club, a small voluntary playgroup, a nursery or a chain, a school or children’s centre, is a complex task. It is one of balancing quality, health and safety, with parents’ and children’s needs, funding and fees, and business sustainability.

Education cuts undermine SEND reforms

An Ofsted report into the support (or lack of) for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)published in December was reported as a "national scandal". True. But who's to blame?

Funding and fairness key to schools debate

The speech by shadow education secretary Angela Rayner to the Labour party conference was strong on principle - whatever your view of academies, she has come out strongly in support of a particular vision of education.

Early help may fall foul of school staff cuts

So here we are, racing headlong towards another election, paying attention to the different ideas being floated in the manifestos, while having a very strong suspicion as to what the result will be.

Social mobility and selection do not mix

Hard on the heels of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health report The State of Child Health, which showed the strong links between poverty and poor health outcomes, the Social Mobility Commission has done the same for education with low-income pupils' progress at secondary school.

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