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Responding to the rise in home education

The pandemic appears to have prompted a significant increase in the number of children being educated at home. Charlotte Goddard looks at what this means for families and children’s services.

Youth work and sport: Special report

With activity levels among children and young people having fallen since the pandemic, a number of policies and funding programmes aim to encourage participation to improve physical and mental health.

Legal Update: SEND Review and green paper

Qaisar Sheikh, head of education law and senior solicitor at Coram Children’s Legal Centre, outlines the key proposals and flaws in the government’s intended reforms to the special educational needs system.

Inspections Clinic: Multi-agency safeguarding

After a pandemic-induced hiatus, joint targeted area inspections are back. However, as Jo Stephenson reports, there are some key changes children’s services teams and practitioners need to understand.

Putting the Care Pledge into Practice

To mark the third anniversary of the Care Experienced Conference, which led to the creation of a care pledge, those involved reflect on how the key messages have influenced policy and practice.

Digital Solutions Special Report

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how digital services can be part of the solution to delivering care and support to vulnerable children and families – and provide new ways of tackling problems.

Inspections Clinic: Monitoring school attendance

Latest figures suggest that one in five pupils in England are persistently missing class, prompting Ofsted and the government to look at more support for schools struggling with the issue, reports Jo Stephenson.

Legal Update: Migrant looked-after children

With one in 10 children in care being non-British, local authorities need to do more to identify and address their needs, says Marianne Lagrue, policy manager at Coram Children’s Legal Centre.

International Focus: Perinatal care, Australia

The cost to the UK of perinatal mental health difficulties is estimated to be £8bn annually. Jill Domoney visited Australia, a world-leader in this field, to see how agencies there support new parents and infants.

Outdoor Learning Special Report

Pandemic policy shifts saw many projects move outdoors to explore new ways of working, with young people reaping the benefits of connecting with nature. But barriers remain for some children and families.

How to be an adaptable employer

Flexible working approaches adopted during the pandemic point to how organisations can embrace the many advantages of being an adaptable employer that welcomes and supports disabled employees.

Guide to Youth Work

Children and Young People Now has teamed up with the National Youth Agency to produce a guide covering the impact of youth work on young people and how the sector is evolving as well as popular training routes for professionals.

We are what we eat

Research shows that a healthy diet and positive approach to food impacts every aspect of life – from mental and physical wellbeing to educational outcomes and communication skills.

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