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Video learning during National Care Leavers Week 2009

National Care Leavers Week 2009: Stand and Deliver! is all about sharing good practice and looking at what corporate parents around the UK are doing to turn the opportunities in the 2008 Children and Young Person's Act into better lives for children leaving care.

Work Pack: Youth club activities - parenting

With the high rate of teenage pregnancies in the UK, young people need to consider the practical realities of having a baby. Vanessa Rogers provides a series of activities to get discussions started.

Policy in practice: Wise up on ... Criminal checks

Criminal Records Bureau checks are a legal requirement for anyone who is going to work regularly with children and young people. Andy Hillier looks at what the process involves, how much it costs and what to do if someone has a criminal record.

Policy in practice: Wise up on... lead professionals

The concept of a lead professional for young people was raised in both Every Child Matters and Youth Matters, but now the guidance has been revised. Andy Hillier looks at who can take on this role and what it involves for workers and managers.

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