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Resilience prevails amid Osborne's bleak choices

Like a piercing, bitter English winter, Chancellor George Osbourne's "autumn statement" was eye-wateringly harsh. It is, without doubt, children and young people growing up in the most deprived households who are being asked to bear the brunt.

Shhh... Every Child Matters lives on

Watch out, the language police are about. An internal Department for Education memo lists 30 terms the government wants consigned to history, and the words that should be used in their place. Many relate directly to children's services.

Outstanding challenge for Ofsted

Ofsted-bashing has been on the rise for several months. Cries of exasperation over the way the children's services inspectorate goes about its business have come in fits and starts from all quarters.

Policy into practice: Victims of crime

The issue: Being a victim of a crime - particularly if it is serious or violent - can create feelings of fear, shock and anger and may even result in physical symptoms such as difficulty eating and sleeping.

It's time to view care in a positive light

The recent report calling for a renewed focus on the value of children's homes and earlier reception into care for troubled and damaged children and young people, made fascinating reading.

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