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Health: Advice on ... Eating disorders

Disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are often thought of as trivial conditions that only affect teenage girls. However, the reality is that they are serious psychiatric conditions experienced by both sexes, as Emma Healey from the charity beat explains.

Log on to... Healthy eating

Obesity and the size-zero debate are increasing the focus on eating a balanced diet, particularly at key stages in life such as childhood and adolescence. Tim Burke looks at what various websites have to offer in terms of youth-friendly advice.

Health: Advice on ... Alcohol

At least half of 11- to 15-year-olds admit to drinking alcohol, which has led to growing concern about how this could affect their developing bodies. Addaction's Rebecca Cheshire considers some of the ways youth workers can tackle the problem.

Advice on ... Cannabis

One in five teenagers and young adults admit to using cannabis despite growing fears about its long-term effects. DrugScope's Ruth Goldsmith explains why it can be harmful and what policies youth projects should have in place.

Resources: Log on to... Mental health websites

The teenage years can be challenging times for some young people and it's often then that mental health problems manifest themselves for the first time. Tim Burke tracks down the best websites offering support for young people and youth workers.

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