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Ernest Cook Trust

The Ernest Cook Trust is an educational charity rooted in the conservation and management of the countryside.

Alec Dickson Trust

Alec Dickson was a journalist who, after graduating from Oxford University in 1935, combined work as a foreign correspondent in Central Europe with helping groups of young people in the slums of Leeds and London.

The Drapers' Charitable Fund

Founded over 600 years ago, the Drapers' Company is one of 12 livery companies in the City of London - a form of trade association.

Funding watch: The Hedley Foundation

The Hedley Foundation is a charitable foundation set up by coal mine owners the Hedley family in 1971 using compensation from nationalisation. The foundation's main objective is the education, recreation, support, training, health and welfare of young people.

Funding watch: Grant Programme for Inter Faith Week 2013

The Grant Programme for Inter Faith Week is a small grants scheme for events organised by and for young people in connection with Inter Faith Week. The event, which runs from 17 to 23 November, is designed to build good relations and working partnerships between people of different faiths through events such as talks, workshops, sports activities and community action.

Young Start

Funding for projects that help to unlock the potential of children and young people aged eight to 24

Happy Days

Funding for residential trips, holidays and days out for disadvantaged children and those with disabilities

Wooden Spoon

Funding for projects working to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people in the UK and Ireland

Buttle UK

Funding to help vulnerable children gain more support at school

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