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Older children enter safeguarding spotlight

Teenagers are rarely top of the agenda for child protection services. Victims in the majority of high-profile child protection cases are infants or young children, while older young people tend to be perceived by many professionals as more resilient and less vulnerable to harm.

'Shared parenting' gets rejected

The Family Justice Review has denied the presumption of shared parenting. Kirsten Anderson, Carolyn Hamilton and Jo-Anne Prudhomme from the Coram Children's Legal Centre examine why

PM's plan 'overstretched and underfunded'

In the coming weeks, local authorities are faced with the daunting task of calculating the number of "troubled families" in their area, identifying where they live and what their needs are.

Early intervention grant raises questions over fairness and bias

Against a backdrop of continued austerity, the announcement last month that the early intervention grant is set to rise by six per cent from April appeared to offer some hope that services tackling deep-seated issues among the most disadvantaged children and families would be boosted.

Decision of a lifetime

Politicians have not pulled their punches in highlighting what they regard as the failings of the adoption system of late.