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Creating paid internships

Young people are disproportionately affected by low wages and unpaid work, so youth organisations have a responsibility to lead the way by paying the real Living Wage and changing unfair practices

Reshape the language of care

Some of the language used by professionals can leave young people feeling confused and disempowered, so take a more compassionate and inclusive approach to communication to build stronger relationships.

Collaborate and share best practice

Professionals and organisations can find solutions to some of the biggest challenges they face by working collaboratively, networking with peers and celebrating successful examples of practice.

How to be an effective leader

Children's services leaders have to make important decisions every working day, so it is imperative senior managers identify the essential skills they need to lead their organisations most effectively.

Five steps to keep social workers safe

Social workers support people in challenging circumstances, but being subject to abuse and violence is never acceptable, so it is important that employers and staff take steps to ensure practitioners' safety.

Help volunteers support families

Volunteer mentor programmes for those on child protection or child in need plans can help local authorities to prevent statutory intervention and be the bridge to the wider community families need.